Get the most out of your nails with these quick tips.


1. Always start with clean hands.  Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying nails.

2. Choose the press on nails that most match the size and shape of your nailbeds and set them aside.  

3. Apply adhesive sticker or glue to the back of the artificial nail. Then press the nail onto your natural nails and hold for 30 seconds. Glue is best if you want longer lasting nails!

*Optional steps to help nails hold longer: Prior to adhering your press ons lightly buffer the nail beds and rinse off any debris.  Then, apply vinegar or alcohol to your natural nails.  Allow them to air dry.  This will help further disinfect the nail prior to application as well as dry out the nail a bit to help the adhesive hold better. 


1. Soak the hands in warm soapy water for approx 10 minutes.

2. Gently wiggle the artificial nails back and forth until they are free. 

3. If you are unable to free the nail you can soak it in acetone a few minutes or gently lift the base of the nail with a cuticle pusher and with a q-tip apply acetone between your nail and the press on. Let it soak and then wiggle the nail free. 

*Note: Never rip off artificial nails, as it could lead to damage to your own nails.  

4. Remove any remaining adhesive from your natural nails with acetone and then wash and moisturize your hands.   


Bonus tip:

If you plan to wear your nails only for the night or frequently switch looks (more often than once a week) we recommend adhering the nail with double sided fashion tape or coat your natural nails with Elmer's glue in order to protect our natural nails.