Hi, I'm Lavon. Founder of OohPrettyNails.com First off, thank you for visiting our shop. We love our customers. You beauties rock!

So how did OohPrettyNails.com come to be? Well, I'm no nail designer. As a matter of fact, I could have my own blog full of failed Pinterest nail designs I've tried! And with the birth of my son, time and money for going to a nail salon were pretty much non-existent. That's when I rediscovered press on nails.  And, oh boy, have they come a long way! The colors, designs, embellishments...matte finish, metallic finish, glitter...I love them all! And since you're here I know you do too! 

OohPrettyNails.com is an online retail store that was designed to offer a delivery service of great affordable press on nails right to your door. Nails are delivered directly from the supplier to keep costs down.  And these aren't your grandma's run of the mill press ons! We offer a wide variety of gorgeous lengths, finishes, colors and designs to choose from.  

The goal of OohPrettyNails.com is to provide you with the most convenient shopping experience possible while continuing to grow our catalog of pretty nails to enhance your style. Feel free to join our mailing list to stay up to date on new nail fashions and discount offers. 


Here are just some of the benefits of press on nails that we love:


-Save Time - In a rush for a date or unexpected night out and need your nails done right now? No need to worry about waiting for paint to dry.  Just press on for a designer look in a flash.  They're also great for when you don't have time to fight traffic and wait your turn at the nail salon.

-Save Money - You can get gorgeous nails at a fraction of the of cost of going to the nail shop.

- More Hygenic - When you go to a nail salon the tools used to do your Mani/Pedi are used on hundreds of other clients as well.  This seriously increases your risk to exposure to all kinds of bacteria and fungal nail infections. Doing your nails at home with your own tools cuts out that risk.

- Get great designs even if you're not great at painting your nails.  Nail designs are getting insanely gorgeous and even more creative by the day.  But they're also getting way more complicated to achieve! With Ooh Pretty Nails' press ons there's no need to be a nail Van Gough to get beautiful looking designs whenever you want. 

- Change your look at the drop of a dime - With each new day comes the opportunity for a cute new outfit.  With the convenience of press ons you can change your nails to match your new look... every day if you like!

oohprettynails.com - for artificial / fake / faux / glue on / press on nails

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